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Here at Creekside Dental Arts, Dr. Rojas and his team focus on the overall wellness of you and your family, not just your teeth. We believe that oral health involves the entire body, so proper dental care is absolutely necessary. We take a preventive approach, and strive to avoid disease from occurring in the first place.

Our knowledgeable team will take the necessary time to help you understand your oral health and how it relates to your overall wellness. We encourage you to be a part of your treatment by giving various options. We whole-heartedly want you to fully understand the necessity of your oral health.

To best accommodate your needs, we offer a variety of unique services. These include laser-assisted dental cleanings, Invisalign®, cosmetic dentistry, implant placement, and salivary diagnostics.

Creekside Dental Arts, the premier Issaquah cosmetic dental office, wants you to be satisfied and happy with your smile.

Also, ask us about how we can straighten your teeth without braces!

How's your smile?

It just may be the focus of your upcoming wedding photos!

Getting married? You may want to consider...

Visiting the dentist may not be at the top of most wedding planning to-do lists, but with all the smiling, greeting, and photographing over the course of a wedding day it makes sense that the bride’s and groom’s smiles be just as lovely as every other carefully planned detail.

“Congratulations; you are starting a new part of your life,” says dentist, Callisto Rojas, DMD explaining why getting ready for your upcoming wedding is the perfect time to visit the dentist. “It’s all part of the wonders of growing up: learning to walk, taking care of your teeth, and someday getting married.” He mentions he has seen patients in their 20s and 30s who haven’t had the time or maybe even the resources for a proper cleaning since they were covered by their parents’ insurance as teenagers.

In-office professional whitening and at-home teeth whitening is the most common pre-wedding request at Dr. Rojas’ office, but an overdue cleaning will also do wonders to brighten a smile, as well as address other concerns. We love seeing the difference in people's eyes and attitude when they know they have a beautiful healthy smile.

Having their teeth look as bright and white as possible is a top concern of brides and grooms-to-be, notes Dr. Rojas. “Getting married is, for a lot of people, the reason to get work done,” he says, including addressing some serious concerns such as crooked teeth, gaps, worn-down areas, or even sharp edges. This kind of work requiring crowns, veneers, or even nearly invisible aligners instead of using traditional metal braces is best started before the big rush as the big day approaches.

That said, he recognizes that “most people who are getting married are younger and at a stage in their lives where they are still trying to figure out how to afford their wedding cake.” He talked about how some brides and grooms can lightly fix their smiles, even on a budget. Dr. Rojas mentions, “take the time and come in for a consultation so we can at least figure out what we can do to get your smile for your big day.”

Budget-Friendly Smiles

For quick and inexpensive fixes that won’t take a big bite out of the wedding budget, Dr. Rojas mentions about bonding, or tooth-colored material. He discussed how just small amounts applied to the front or “smiling” teeth can do wonders to even out or reshape a smile. “If you’re getting married in a month, don't go for the big procedures just do some easier bonding,” says Dr. Rojas. “We do this right in the chair so it’s more immediate, and generally less down time” says Dr. Rojas “But the gold standard is a crown or a veneer.”

Brides and grooms may have heard about or considered fixes such as DURAthin veneers or Snap-On Smiles®. Dr. Rojas, says that these DURAthin veneers are definitely an upgrade from broken down or stained dull teeth. Dr. Rojas gives a thumb down though to Snap-On Smile. “Let's permanently correct your smile, not cover it up.” says Dr. Rojas. Patients can often get better results for the same money with bonding.

The Earlier, the Better

Ideally, it's always recommended coming in for a visit at least a year before the wedding date. “The earlier you come in the more flexibility we have with specific time constraints,” Dr. Rojas says. “Sometimes it takes over a year to fix someone’s mouth if they have problems that are more than just aesthetic.” If the wedding is in less than a year, a lot can still be accomplished with teeth whitening and teeth contouring. “If spaces need to be closed or alignments changed we have the option of beginning those changes with clear aligners. We can even do some bonding after the whitening is completed,” he explains, noting that whitening first is essential so that the bonding material matches the existing tooth color. We love to help the bride and groom but we aren't here just for them... we love to help create beautiful smiles for the whole party. Mothers of the bride and groom, even grandmothers, and gentlemen of the wedding are getting their teeth fixed before the wedding. We are so excited to be a part of the day.

The best way to find out how your smile can be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for your big day is to just give us a call and come in.